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Deacon means servant or ministration of a helper or bondservant (one who has sold himself by choice for service). He should be able to teach and handle the word of god. These are proven men in the faith who will serve as right hand men to the Pastor in secular and business matters of the church. They shall be able to conduct worship services, assist in carrying out the ordinance of the church and shall be knowledgeable of the doctrine of HOPC.

Job Description /General Duties:

Chairman of Deacon Board

1. Supervise the work of the Deacon Ministry

2. Function as a member of the executive council at the Pastors discretion.

3. Oversee the collection of Public offerings

Special Assignments

1. Schedule deacons for specific assignments.

2. Take charge of the pulpit in the absence of the Pastor, Assistant Pastor or

Associate Minister

3. Oversee the transfer of collected funds to the finance committee.

Deacon Ministry/Requirements

1. Attendance

Every Deacon is expected to maintain consistent and regular attendance. He is to be present for Sunday school, Sunday morning and evening worship services, and marriage council (if married). He is expected to attend all Deacon Meetings. He is expected to be related to all areas of the church life. The only exception to any of these would be in the event of occupational requirements, illness, or some other form of providential hindrance.

1I. Stewardship

THE Deacon is expected to be a faithful steward of what the Lord has entrusted to his care. He is to give at least on tenth of his income to the Lord through the church. He is responsible in the way he handles the balance of God’s resources.

1II. Ministry

The Deacon is expected to fulfill a ministry role with the families assigned to him under the deacon family ministry of the church. He will make regular calls on these families as well as during crisis times. He is to be an extension of the Pastor’s ministry to the congregation.